The necessity of Trong Tin’s Accounting Audit Service:

Accounting is the measure and the soul for the financial picture of an enterprise. Through the Accounting Report, the enterprise’s manager will make vital decisions to operate the business. In addition, the accounting report is also the basis for determining tax obligations as well as the basis for third parties such as banks, investors, suppliers to consider cooperating with enterprise,… Therefore, accounting work should be done professionally and legally.

Benefits of using Accounting Service of Trong Tin include the following:

Trong Tin is a reputable professional company licensed by the Ministry of Finance and is eligible to practice accounting services. Trong Tin is a reliable address of thousands of clients regarding accounting services. Businesses using Trong Tin Accounting Services have been guaranteed to comply with the provisions of law and provided accurate, timely financial information for its management decision. This information will be the basis to determine correct tax obligations to the State, includes the following benefits:

  • Checking and completing the organization of the accounting system, including training and guiding the accounting team;
  • Examining documents and fixing shortcomings of documents, accounting books and accounting processes in accordance with the tax laws and accounting laws;
  • Checking accounting data and financial statements to ensure  the honesty and objectivity so as to limit errors;
  • Ensuring the transparency of accounting data and financial situation for investors and third parties;
  • Preventing and detecting frauds in financial affairs and corporate governance;
  • Preventing, detecting and limiting risks of violating accounting laws and restricting tax arrears collection …
  • Improving the effectiveness of the accounting department, thereby improving the competitiveness of enterprises.


Trong Tin’s accounting and tax audit services include:

  • Checking the reasonableness, validity and legality of invoices, documents …
  • Examining and advising on making accounting vouchers, inputting detailed accounting books as well as synthesizing them in accordance with regulations and suitable for the feature of enterprises;
  • Checking and consulting on making accounting reports for the purpose of corporate management (if any);
  • Examining and consulting on the preparation of financial statements and tax reports as prescribed;
  • Consulting on the organization of the accounting system: Describing the job description of an accountant, document circulation, accounting, and financial process …
  • Checking the accounting and financial processes, thereby consulting, completing and overcoming the limitations to avoid fraud and errors …
  • Measuring and estimating the possible risks and make recommendations to improve the accounting system and minimize risks;
  • Working with independent auditors, tax authorities when needed;

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