The necessity of Trong Tin’s Accounting Service for Enterprises:

Accounting is the measure and the soul for the financial picture of an enterprise. Through the Accounting Report, the enterprise’s manager will make vital decisions to operate the business. In addition, the accounting report is also the basis for determining tax obligations as well as the basis for third parties such as banks, investors, suppliers to consider cooperating with enterprise,… Therefore, accounting work should be done professionally and legally.

Under Article 49 and Article 50 of the Law on Accounting, the enterprise and its legal representative must organize the accounting system, appoint accountants or hire accounting services that meet all professional conditions. The legal representative must take responsibility under laws for the accounting work of the enterprise.

However, not all business leaders understand the laws correctly and perform accounting work properly, therefore, they often authorize the accountants… However, the entrustment to the accounting system, the appointment of accountants to open and record accounting books, making accounting reports and tax reports at enterprises is still limited. For example, the person appointed as a chief accountant does not meet the conditions prescribed in Article 54 of the Law on Accounting, or the appointed person is weak in and lack professional skills… These cases will lead to the consequences of damage to the enterprise.

Such damages may include:  Being fined for violations of Law on Accountings, tax arrears, tax penalties or subject to criminal prosecution, etc. Especially, when the financial statements of enterprises are misleading or inaccurate, it will lead to wrong decisions of enterprises, which are the risks and causes of slow development of enterprises and even bankruptcy,… Business leaders are not only financially affected but can also face legal risks due to weak accounting and inexperience…

Therefore, enterprises need to organize a professional accounting system or may hire accounting service which is eligible for practicing registration and licensed by the Ministry of Finance under Article 56 of the Law on Accounting.

Benefits of using Accounting Service of Trong Tin include the following:

Trong Tin is a reputable professional company licensed by the Ministry of Finance and is eligible to practice accounting services. Trong Tin is a reliable address of thousands of clients regarding accounting services. Businesses using Trong Tin Accounting Services have been guaranteed to comply with the provisions of law and provided accurate, timely financial information for its management decision. This information will be the basis to determine correct tax obligations to the State, includes the following benefits:

  • Saving time, costs for printing, signing, stamping documents, accounting books,…
  • Ensuring accounting data and financial information are provided accurately and promptly
  • Avoiding the consequences of changing accountants who do not hand over or handover incompletely
  • No need to pay Insurance, 13th month salary or bonus for new employee headcount.
  • Having chief accountant or the accountant in charge of accounting who is professional and lawful
  • No penalties for accounting and taxes,…


Trong Tin’s accounting and taxation services include the following:

  • Checking the reasonableness, validity and legality of invoices, documents …
  • Making accounting documents and recording detailed and general accounting books;
  • Making accounting reports for corporate management purposes (if any);
  • Preparing financial statements and tax reports as prescribed;
  • Submitting financial statements and tax reports as prescribed;
  • Working with independent auditors, tax authorities when needed;
  • Appointing personnel with professional qualifications to work as chief accountant or to be in charge of accounting in accordance with regulations …

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