Service acts as a Doctor who diagnoses, prescribes and treats corporate tax errors and as a Tax Lawyer to assist businesses in reducing risks and taking advantage of all tax preferences, protect the legal rights to pay tax in the most beneficial way.


If there are errors when enterprises submit tax declaration dossiers, at the expiry of the time limit under regulations, enterprises may still make adjustments and declarations so that they comply with the law. This is an effective solution from Trong Tin that thousands of businesses have trusted and used.

Enterprises have the right to self-declare, self-submit and self-adjust if there are errors. However, in order to detect and prevent errors, we choose the adjustment method to comply with regulations before the inspection, examination of tax agencies, and then bring efficiency to enterprises to save time and expenses.

Trong Tin’s Tax Audit Service is carried out by experts with many years of practical experience and in-depth knowledge of relevant tax laws, regulations. They act as a diagnostic, prescribing, treating Doctors for tax errors of businesses and as Lawyers who protect tax declaration and submission data in the spirit of law to bring high efficiency so as to save hundreds of billions dong for businesses.

The benefits of Trong Tin’s Tax Audit Service will help businesses limit risks, limit tax arrears, risks of being fined 20% and charged for late payment of 0.03%/day. This helps businesses reduce their responsibilities to limit cases of fraudulence or tax evasion that may penalize the businesses from 1 (One) to 3 (Three) times. Particularly this will limit the possibility of facing criminal prosecution under Article 200 of the Criminal Code.

Benefits of businesses when using tax consultancy services of Trong Tin Tax Agent include the following:

  • Diagnosing, detecting, adjusting tax data in accordance with regulations to reduce the tax arrears, penalties amount and increase business efficiency;
  • Supporting the process of tax inspection and examination quickly, conveniently and effectively;
  • Acting on behalf of the businesses to deal with and explain to the tax authorities as Prescribing Doctors and as Lawyers who protect the legitimate interests of the businesses so as to bring the highest benefits hereto.

The benefits of Trong Tin’s Tax Representation Service for businesses were reported by FBNC channel (please refer to the video below).

Trong Tin’s Tax Audit Service includes the following:

  • Researching and evaluating the organization and management model of the enterprise;
  • Researching and evaluating financial regulations, sales regulations and salary, bonus and other relevant regulations of the enterprise;
  • Researching and analyzing the business sector then forecasting risks and possible tax preferences;
  • Checking invoices, documents, accounting records, tax return and tax finalization documents;
  • Checking and detecting risks so as to quantify the amount of tax subject to arrears and penalties;
  • Advising on possible legal risks, such as labor law, insurance, business law, accounting law or violations that can lead to criminal prosecution, which will be quantified and measured;
  • Discussing with the business manager and the person related to the findings and risks of the business;
  • Issuing tax statements review, and current and future risk forecasts;
  • Warranty after contract termination through explanation and being responsible subject to law and tax authorities (if any).