Trong Tin’s Tax Consulting Service assists businesses in accurately declaring, reducing risks and taking advantage of all tax preferences to pay in the most beneficial way.



The fact that businesses comply with tax obligations is very difficult. Therefore, applying tax policy in the most effective way and paying taxes in the most beneficial way are not simple works for every business.

In order to pay tax in the most beneficial way, besides the officially declaring tax correctly and accurately according to regulations, businesses can still avoid taxes properly under laws. However, the boundary of tax avoidance is very fragile and therefore business needs to be elaborated and consulted by reputable tax experts with many years of experience as Trong Tin’s experts.

If businesses make an incorrect tax return, it could not only be retrospectively collected all the incorrect amounts of tax declaration but also be fined at 20% and charged a late payment of 0.03% per day. In addition, these mistakes of businesses could be considered as the act of fraud or tax evasion and therefore can be punished from 1 (One) to 3 (Three) times, or even be subject to criminal liability under Article 200 of the Criminal Code.

Therefore, Trong Tin Tax Agent is proud to provide reputable, professional Tax Consulting Service based on our professional experience and in-depth knowledge in fields of finance, accounting, tax, law and business administration. Accordingly, we have consulted to save hundreds of billion dong for businesses.

The benefits of businesses when using Tax Consulting Service of Trong Tin Tax Agent include the following:

  • Strictly and properly implementing the regulations to reduce the cost of complying with taxes, reducing the costs to increase business efficiency;
  • Applying all tax preferences of the State and flexibly applying the provisions that are not prohibited by law to pay tax in the most beneficial way;
  • On behalf of the enterprise to deal with and explain to the tax authorities to protect the highest rights and interests for the business.


Trong Tin’s Tax Consulting Service include the following:

  • Researching and evaluating the organizational and management model of the enterprise;
  • Researching and evaluating business model, financial regulations, sales regulations and salary, bonus and other relevant regulations of the enterprise;
  • Researching and analyzing the business sector then forecasting risks and possible tax preferences;
  • Checking accounting records, books, declaring and finalizing tax;
  • Advising on possible legal risks, such as labor law, insurance, business law, accounting law or violations that can lead to criminal prosecution, which will be quantified and measured;
  • Discussing with business managers and relevant people about requests and issues needed to be consulted;
  • Providing tax advice and forecasting risks in the current and future;
  • Issuing consulting reports and warranty services after the end of the contract.

The benefits of Trong Tin’s Tax Consulting Service for businesses were reported by FBNC channel (please refer to the video below).